New Item Statistics

These are the new statistics for weapons, armour, shields, and units that are applied with the PSO Ver.2 Enhancement Pack.

Interpreting the Class

The "Class" field is the Equip Flag which determines which characters can use which items. Eventually when I get around to making a more complete item database, I will actually write out which classes can use which items, but for now that would be difficult to fit inside a simple spreadsheet. Instead, I will explain how to read the Equip Flag.

First, open Windows calculator and set it to scientific mode. When it is set to decimal mode (Dec), enter the Equip Flag value. Now, change the calculator to binary mode (Bin). You will get a string of 1's and 0's. A 0 means cannot equip, and a 1 means can equip. This is how you read them, from left to right:

Female, Male, Newman, Android, Human, Force, Ranger, Hunter

For example, take a weapon like Flight Fan, which has an Equip Flag of 191. In binary, this is 10111111. Since the flag for "Male" is disabled, Flight Fan will not have an X by its name if you are any female class.