There are three hunters in PSO, each one is described below. Note that the max stats are from falsehead's PSO FAQ, located at GameFAQs. It saved me time to use them rather than maxing each character on my own. So thank you falsehead. =D Also, the HP and TP stats are not necessarily the max, your HP and TP depends on how many materials you've used, as well as how many level up bonuses you've gotten.

The HUcast is the powerhouse character of PSO, he has the highest ATP of all characters, and the best HP of the hunters. If you want to do the most damage possible, HUcast is your best bet.

HUcast max stats
HP 2012
TP 0
ATP 1611
DFP 601
ATA 181
EVP 818
LCK 100

The HUmar is the most popular character, probably because he's the easiest character for new players. His ATP and HP are the second highest of the hunters, and he also has the ability to cast magic. Although his MST is the lowest of all magic using characters, he has enough to make him more flexible than the HUcast.

HUmar max stats
HP 1670
TP 912
ATP 1404
DFP 506
MST 713
ATA 161
EVP 702
LCK 100

The HUnewearl is one of the most balanced characters of PSO. She is a bit low on HP and ATP compared to the other hunters, but she has the best MST of all the non-force magic using characters.

HUnewearl max stats
HP 1558
TP 1185
ATP 1150
DFP 433
MST 986
ATA 164
EVP 799
LCK 100