There are three forces in PSO, each one is described below. The force class is perhaps the most diverse of the classes, because of their varying levels of low ATP the forces are close to the requirements of many weapons.

The FOmarl is the most competant physical stat character of the forces. She has the best ATP, HP, and ATA, making her the best with weapons of all the forces. The payback for this is her MST and TP are the lowest of the forces. If you want to be able to use weapons as much as possible but you want to try out level 30 techniques, FOmarl is probably your character of choice.

FOmarl max stats
HP 1469
TP 2209
ATP 865
DFP 421
MST 1274
ATA 158
EVP 616
LCK 100

The FOnewm is the middleman force. He doesn't really excel in any area, but he does have some noticeable points. His DFP is the best of the forces, although his ATA is the lowest in the game. He has more ATP than the FOnewearl, which proves important. His ATP is high enough to let him use many weapons unavailable to the FOnewearl, but being a newman he still has the high MST and TP bonus they get. Also being a male character, he casts magic very rapidly without a weapon equipped.

FOnewm max stats
HP 1431
TP 2430
ATP 735
DFP 490
MST 1421
ATA 141
EVP 637
LCK 100

The FOnewearl is the weakest physical character in the game. She has the lowest HP and ATP of all characters. Her ATP is so low, that she is unable to use a variety of weapons. However, she has the highest MST and TP in the game. If you want to use large amounts of magic and have it do as much damage as possible, as well as being supporting character you can, the FOnewearl will meet your needs.

FOnewearl max stats
HP 1398
TP 2709
ATP 579
DFP 401
MST 1607
ATA 148
EVP 688
LCK 100