PSO Xbox Downloads

This section has downloads for Xbox players.

You will need a softmodded Xbox with PSO extracted to the internal hard drive in order to use these patches.

Note that if you plan to play online, you should connect at least one time before you apply any patches. Insignia will install the PSO Title Update automatically the first time you go online, so applying patches to the base game won't work unless you plan to play exclusively offline.

Full Word Select Patch This patch unlocks a previously hidden copy of the PSOv2 Word Select menu contained within PSOX. Not only does the V2 menu fix the problem of not being able to access the "Reply/Confirmation" Word Select category when you're on Ragol, but it also allows you to use Word Selects from any category at any time.

Keyboard Patch This patch remaps the default Japanese keyboard layout to a standard US QWERTY layout.

Item Loss Prevention Patch This patch prevents you from losing your unequipped items and Meseta when you don't quit and save properly while playing online, which often happens as a result of the game crashing.

Shop Patch This patch improves the Tool Shop and the Tekker.

Gibarta Patch This patch improves the casting speed of Gibarta.

Bugfix Patch This patch fixes a few different bugs in the game.

Temple Patch This patch fixes one of the VR Temple maps, thus making quests that use this map, such as Episode II Challenge mode, fully playable.

Offline Map Patch This patch gives offline Forest and Cave the same monster spawns as online mode, instead of the reduced enemy spawns they usually have.

Reticle Patch This patch allows you to play with Dreamcast-style targetting reticles.

Atari Patch This patch restores the Atari logo above the hospital on Pioneer 2.

Rain Patch This patch improves the rain effect in Forest 2 and Gal Gryphon and adds rain to Mountain Area.

Quest Music Patch This patch allows you to hear the correct music in Episode I Spaceship and Palace quests, such as Prospective Horizons.

Disc Music Patch This patch replaces the songs played by several of the music discs.

Ending Music Patch This patch replaces the online looping ending music with the unlooped ending music used during the game's credits in both episodes, which allows you to hear the lyrics to "Can Still See The Light" when you beat Dark Falz online.

Event Music Patch This patch restores the special music on Pioneer 2 during online events.