PSO PC Downloads

PSO Executables & Server Software Downloads

This has the latest PSO fullscreen and window mode executables, the online executable, and the pPSOs software.

PSO Fullscreen Executable This is the default clean full-screen pso.exe used to connect to the Sylverant server.

PSO Windowed Executable This is the same as above, except PSO will run in windowed mode.

PSO Windowed Executable With Mouse Support This is the same as the above windowed mode, except that the mouse is enabled, whereas in the above pack it's disabled.

PSO Vista & 7 Fullscreen Executable This is a version of pso.exe that has been patched to enable typing in Windows Vista and Windows 7 without the need of the IME. Thanks go out to Wiccaan / atom0s for making this possible. Do not use this pso.exe on Windows 9x/ME/NT/2K/XP.

PSO Vista & 7 Windowed Executable This is the Vista & 7 pso.exe patched to run in windowed mode. Do not use this pso.exe on Windows 9x/ME/NT/2K/XP.

PSO Vista & 7 Windowed Executable With Mouse Support This is the Vista & 7 pso.exe patched to run in windowed mode with mouse controls enabled. Do not use this pso.exe on Windows 9x/ME/NT/2K/XP.

Autorun Executable This is an autorun.exe patched to avoid the game's requirement that your OS language be set to Japanese. The autorun is necessary for accessing the game's options menu, as well as to register with the Sylverant server when going online for the first time.

Online Executable This is an online.exe patched to connect to the Sylverant server. For users who have not registered a serial number and access key with PSO, this online.exe is needed to complete the registration process with the Sylverant server when going online for the first time.

Private Phantasy Star Online Server version 1 (pPSOs1) This is the original private server made by Schthack. It only supports PC players, and has very little configuration options. It's mainly a tribute to the server project now.

Quest Pack for pPSOs1 The original private server doesn't come with quest support, but by extracting this into your main server folder you can have quests. ^_^ I didn't get these quests myself, this is a repackaging of the quests that were leaked by DarkTemjin on the psocheats forums some time ago. Read the README in the file to learn about it.

Private Phantay Star Online Server version 2 (pPSOs2) This is the second version of the private server. It's far more advanced and supports both PC and DC players. It can connect to the main shipgate and be listed under subsections by country, and it has GM abilities with full command support and such. It's still older than the main ships, so it's buggier, though.

PSO Modification Packages

This section has a variety of patches to change various aspects of the game.

PSO PC Graphical Fix Pack 1.1 This is the second pack of fixes to make PSO PC's graphics look a bit better. In addition to the five different graphical problems addressed in the first pack, the second version also fixes the floor in Ultimate Cave 1. To see some screenshots of what the patch does, click here. There is also a forum topic about the patch here.

PSO PC Shield Fix Patch This patch allows shields to reach their true maximum DFP values.

PSO PC Darkness Patch This patch changes the darkness effect in freeplay maps and offline quests to look more like it does on the Dreamcast version by putting a pool of light around your character, instead of the total blackness that PSO PC usually has. To see a screenshot of what the new effect looks like, read the forum topic about the patch here.

PSO PC Word Filter Patch This patch disables PSO's word filter to prevent the game from censoring your speech. Unlike previous patches that disable the game's censorship, this patch does not require you to alter your pso.exe file, which means that you can easily undo the patch if you want to restore the word filter for some reason.

PSO PC Sparkle Patch This is a patch for PSO PC that changes the rather dull ring effects used for Shifta, Deband, Jellen, and Zalure into sparkle effects reminiscent of those used in Ver.1.

PSO PC Offline Map Pack This is a patch to give offline Forest and Cave full monster spawns like online mode instead of the reduced number of enemies that they usually have. A complete README on how to install it is included. There is also a forum topic about it here.

PSOv2 Enhancement Pack This is the Enhancement Pack for PSO Ver.2 that has new drops, item statistics, Ludicrous mode, and text fixes.

PSO PC Max Stat Patch This is a patch to rebalance the maximum stats of the classes so that they are all comparatively good, instead of the previous situation where some classes were so weak that they were essentially inferior to their counterparts.

PSO PC Offline Quest Pack This is a patch to alter NPC death in the English offline quests to no longer result in failure, as well as to fix many bugs, let you convert Ver.2 monster parts, and include the new cutscenes from Episode I & II.

PSO PC Russian Patch This is Peccatum Sin's patch to translate PSO PC into Russian. Please be sure to read the included README file for more information. You can see screen shots of the game with the patch here.

PSO PC Halloween Patch This is a patch to allow the game's Halloween event to have its own music, instead of sharing the music from the Valentine's Day event. The pack contains the new Halloween music used in PSO GC/Xbox/BB, as well as a patcher to alter the game's executable to be able to play the new music. Make sure you read the "README.txt" file, so you know how to apply the patch correctly.

pso.exe Patchers

These files are used to modify pso.exe when the game is not running; their effects stay in place until you overwrite your pso.exe with a fresh one. Place these files in your main PSO directory for them to work.

Ver.1 Name Detection Patch This patch allows PC users to see who is playing on PSOv1 for Dreamcast. On Sega's servers for DC, Ver.1 players had white names, and Ver.2 players had gold names. PC players also have gold names, but they see both DCv1 and DCv2 as gold by default. This patch changes PSO PC so that it correctly identifies Ver.1 players and shows their names in white. It also causes the names of GC players to display in white. I re-created this patch, as the original by Term#pG# was causing false-positive alerts in some virus scanners.

Windows Vista & 7 Typing Patch This is a patch to allow Windows Vista and Windows 7 users to type without the use of the IME. Thanks go out to Wiccaan / atom0s for creating this patch. I have re-packaged it to remove the requirement of a default pso.exe. If the patch doesn't work, use a default pso.exe or get the pre-patched pso.exe on this page. Do not use this patch on Windows 9x/ME/NT/2K/XP.

IP Patcher IPpatch is used to change the location that PSO tries to connect to. For connecting to the regular server, it should be patched to, but you can use this to make PSO connect to a different server, instead.

Trainers and Standalone Programs

These programs are to be used when PSO is running, or can be used separately from PSO altogether.

PSO Loader This is deathrabbit's loader for PSO PC. It allows you to quickly switch between online and offline mode, and it allows you to quickly switch between full screen and window modes by patching pso.exe in the memory. (The pso.exe file is not altered.) It also contains a memory patch for disabling weapon dropping when you die. A full-screen pso.exe is required to use the feature of switching between full screen and window mode. To enable or disable weapon dropping without restarting PSO, you should also download the trainer below.

No Wep Drop Trainer This is a very useful trainer. By default, when your character dies you drop your weapon and your Meseta on the ground. There is a patch to change this so that you don't drop your weapon anymore, but that means that you can't play Battle mode legitly in rules where you are supposed to drop your weapon. This trainer is a temporary way to choose if you want to drop your weapon. Using shortcuts for fullscreen or buttons for windowed mode, you can manually choose to enable or disable the trainer's ability to stop your weapon from dropping while PSO is running.

Mag Farm Mag Farm is a program to simulate the raising of a Mag. Personally, I don't find it all that useful as it actually raises a Mag as though you were in the game, and I prefer to look at feeding charts. It's based off of PSO World's data I believe, and it's made for Episode 1 & 2 so it has references to things that don't exist in PSO PC. It's mainly here because I'm trying to be complete.

Secondary Online.Offline Patch This is the "anti-Broomop Online.Offline patch" file. It performs the same functions as Broomop's online.offlinepatch, except it's for those who hate Broomop as it wasn't made by him. ;)

PSO Serial Changer This is caitsith2's serial changer program. It's used to transfer your PSO characters from using a shared serial to using a unique serial. Make sure you read the enclosed README before attempting to use it on your character data.