Well, you made it to Vol Opt. =) He's not the most difficult boss, as long as you keep moving and keep yourself well healed. As the opening movie plays, you'll find yourself in a large round room, surrounded by computer monitors.

Once the fight starts, Vol Opt will move around the different sets of monitors in a clockwise direction. As he passes through each monitor, it activates and turns red. You can hit these monitors to damage Vol Opt, after you hit each one a certain amount of times, it'll blow up and go to static.

The fastest way to destroy one complete set of monitors is to blow up the center one on the bottom, then blow up the top monitor, as this will also destroy the two side ones. After Vol Opt has moved through several monitors, they'll all go blue and pillars will rise from the floor. There are two types of pillars; red and blue. Blue ones do nothing, red ones will attack. If you look up in the center of the ceiling, you'll notice one other pillar attached there. If you leave it where it is, you can attack the red pillar, but after a while it will launch Zonde to hit all of the players in the room.

If you attack the center pillar, it'll drop to the floor, and when Vol Opt tries to cast Zonde, he'll zap himself and temporarily short circuit all the pillars, letting you attack. Note that this will still damage all of your team when he casts Zonde in this manner. Either way, after taking some pummeling, the pillars will go back into the floor and Vol Opt will move back into the screens, and then the cycle repeats. The pillars will each explode when you attack them enough, as the screens do. There is a trick to beating this form easily, though. If you want to kill Vol Opt as fast as you can without getting hurt, ignore the screens completely, and ignore the center pillar. Once the red and blue pillars come up, attack only the red one and not the blue. If you shower the red one with attacks, Vol Opt won't have enough time to cast Zonde, and you'll be able to destroy the pillar without getting hurt. Repeat this process until you've destroyed all the pillars, and then the arena will start to explode...

And form two will come out...

This form is more menacing than the first, and has more methods of attack. Each side of Vol Opt has a different function, by attacking a certain side enough times, you can cause it to break off, and Vol Opt won't be able to use that attack anymore. The left side controls a set of stompers. You'll know when he's going to use them, as he'll target certain team members with lasers for several seconds as he charges up. After scanning you, his left side will open up, and giant plungers will smash the floor on all targeted players.

Generally, this attack will only target one player, and then the surrounding players. If the player who is actually targeted moves, Vol Opt will move along with him. So this player should move around to the other side of the area, so that the other players are no longer targeted. You can avoid the plungers by simply running around Vol Opt in a circle. The right side is used for healing. Every once in a while, he'll open up the right side and heal himself, although this healing isn't very powerful, so it's not much of a concern. Plus, he's open to attack while he's healing. ^_^ The back is used to launch missles. He'll simply turn to a player, open up his missle hatch, and launch a volley of missles at that player. The missles can be avoided if the target runs around Vol Opt. His front is the most deadly; it has a special attack that can seriously hurt a single player. He'll turn to a random person, and his front will glow red, and after a few seconds he'll launch a green orb at his victim. While it *is* possible to outrun the orb and have it dissipate, it can't always be done if you're not prepared. If you pass by someone while you run away, the orb will catch them instead. Once caught, a circle of rocks traps the victim, and Vol Opt begins to charge up his front side. A series of lights on his front slowly count down and his blue front slowly turns red. Once fully red, Vol Opt will launch a mass of lasers at his helpless victim, causing quite a bit of damage. While trapped, the player can't move or cast magic, although they can use items. The only way to get out early, is to have your teammates slash away at the rocks, after enough pressure is put on them they'll explode early without the victim being attack. However, Vol Opt will continue his countdown and you can attack him while he does. Once he reaches the end of the countdown, nothing happens if you freed the trapped person. As you knock various sections off, he'll be forced to use the other sections more often, so it's a good idea to knock his front off first. Keep pummeling him until he blows up for good.