Cave 1

Ah, the caves. Most people don't like this area too much because it takes a loooong time to complete. If you've just come from the Forest, you'll notice the enemies are a bit harder. In fact, you'll probably want to do the Forest until level 8-10 or so before attempting the Caves, unless you have a high percentage on your weapons. The scenery contains lots of hot lava, but thankfully it's just for looks and won't attack you. ;)

Evil Shark

The Evil Shark is the grunt of the caves, you'll find them quite often. They attack pretty much the same as Boomas do in the Forest. Just be careful not to get surrounded.
Found in: Cave 1, Cave 2, Cave 3
Weak to: Fire

Pal Shark

Pal Sharks are a step up from Evil Sharks, but they aren't much different.
Found in: Cave 1, Cave 2, Cave 3
Weak to: Fire, Ice

Guil Shark

These are the highest form of Shark. They hit rather hard, so beware.
Found in: Cave 1, Cave 2, Cave 3
Weak to: Lightning

Poison Lily

Poison Lilies introduce you to your first taste of negative statuses. If you stand far from the Lily, it'll shoot a green ball that will poison you if you don't avoid it. (Avoiding it isn't hard, just run to the side.) If you get close, it'll shake its petals at you. (Scary, eh?) But this does cause damage. After hitting it several times, it'll probably close its blossom and screech, paralyzing you. If this happens, either use an antiparalysis, or stand a little ways away again and just let it poison you, since poison replaces paralysis. Keep attacking and once it's almost dead it'll close up again and start spinning while making a dinging noise. If you don't kill it within several seconds, it'll speed up and explode, shooting out a small shockwave paralyzing everyone who's near. It takes a long time for it to explode though, so you don't have to worry much about it.
Found in: Cave 1, Cave 2, Cave 3
Weak to: Fire, Ice, Light

Nano Dragon

Nano Dragons are one of the most irritating enemies in the Caves. When you're far away, they'll pretty much ignore you. If you get close, they'll lift off and fly a ways away. You can try to hit them with a close range weapon before they lift off, but that strategy isn't usually too effective. If you shoot them with a gun, they'll get mad and launch a blue missile-like projectile at you. As they get weak, they'll do it more often. They'll also try to kill other enemies around them with these projectiles. Be careful, if they kill you or another enemy, it causes them to get bigger. o.O
Found in: Cave 1, Cave 2, Cave 3
Weak to: Ice, Lightning, Light

Grass Assassin

Grass Assassins are like giant praying mantises. They move slowly, and attack with their long, scythe like arms. If you stand near them, they spit out a blueish spray towards your feet. If you don't move to the side, it'll keep you from walking anywhere for several seconds, leaving you open to attacks from the Assassin, and any other enemies nearby. Once the Assassin is weak, it'll rear up on its hind legs and screech, then stampede in a straight line running over everyone in its path. If you hit it it'll stop running.
Found in: Cave 1, Cave 2
Weak to: Fire

Cave 2

Cave 2 is much more passive looking than Cave 1, instead of hot lava flows it has water standing on the floor and waterfalls gushing around the edges of some rooms.

Pouilly Slime

Slimes, oh how I hate them. Slimes are rather annoying. They appear usually in the center of a room as a blue circle darting around. After some time they'll pop up. They have rather high evasion, when you miss them they radiate some blue shockwaves. If you hit them with a weapon on the 3rd hit of your combo, another slime will spawn from the one you were attacking. If you try to freeze it with ice, that will cause another slime to spawn as well. If you repeatedly split them, it seems that a maximum of four slimes will spawn from the original slime, and not more. Assuming you hit them, they drop back down and dart around some more before popping up again.
Found in: Cave 2, Cave 3
Weak to: Light

Cave 3

Cave 3 is a bit different from the other two, it looks somewhat more... modernized? Where rock floors were in Caves 1 and 2, metallic floors exist in Caves 3. Still there are plenty of areas with rock floors and rock walls, but it does seem a bit fishy...

Pan Arms

Pan Arms have incredibly high defense. Even with Shifta and Zalure, you'll probably do 0 damage to them. If you stand in front of them, they'll shoot out either a red or blue beam. The way to defeat them is to get behind, and force them closer to the center of the room. They are made of two different monsters, and if they are close to a wall, they won't split. If you get them away they'll rear up and roar, then split into...
Found in: Cave 1 (rare), Cave 3
Weak to: Fire, Light


One of the monsters to split from Pan Arms is Migium. It'll bounce around and try to stab you with its long needle. Since it has low defense, hit it with your weapon and it'll fall quickly; however, its needle can cast Jellen and Zalure on you, so be careful, especially if you're a droid alone. If you can use magic, you can counter its stat decreasing techs with Shifta and Deband of your own.
Found in: Cave 1 (rare), Cave 3
Weak to: Fire, Light


Hidoom is the other monster to spawn from Pan Arms. It also will try to stab you with its needle, but it just does damage.
Found in: Cave 1 (rare), Cave 3
Weak to: Ice, Light

Rare Monsters
Like the Forest, Caves also has some rare monsters that can appear instead of their more common counterparts, and these rare monsters also can give good items.

Nar Lily

Nar Lilies are just like their counterparts, they just hit harder.
Found in: Cave 1, Cave 2, Cave 3
Weak to: I don't have data on this yet...

Pouilly Slime

These slimes are like the regular ones, except red rather than blue. You can try to create these slimes by deliberately splitting regular slimes, although your chances of success aren't high.
Found in: Cave 2, Cave 3
Weak to: I don't have data on this yet either...

Well, now that the Caves are over, ready to fight the next boss? I hope so... Continue on to De Rol Le.