PSO GC Downloads

This section has downloads for GameCube players.

Note that not all downloads are compatible with all methods of playing PSO GC. Single file patches are compatible with both Wii and Dolphin, but file patches that require building a new ISO are currently only compatible with Dolphin, due to Devolution's copy protection. All patches are technically compatible with original GameCube hardware, but you will need homebrew or a modchip in order to use them.

GCRebuilder GCRebuilder is required to install all patches for PSO GC. This useful tool allows you to extract individual files from your ISO, import individual files into your ISO, extract your entire ISO to a folder so that you can replace multiple files at once (even if the new files are bigger than the old ones), and build a new ISO from the folder where you extracted your original ISO.

PSO GC File Patches

These patches require you to extract a single file from your ISO (usually "PsoV3.dol"), patch it, then import it back into the ISO. These patches are compatible with Wii and Dolphin.

Full Word Select Patch This patch unlocks a previously hidden copy of the PSOv2 Word Select menu contained within PSO GC. Not only does the V2 menu fix the problem of not being able to access the "Reply/Confirmation" Word Select category when you're on Ragol, but it also allows you to use Word Selects from any category at any time.

Chat Patch This patch allows you to temporarily prevent the chat log from automatically scrolling by holding L+R, which allows you to easily read the log while other players are talking. It also allows you to use the ⁄cc command to add colour to your chat, as in PSOv2.

Item Loss Prevention Patch This patch prevents you from losing your unequipped items and Meseta when you don't quit and save properly while playing online, which often happens as a result of the game crashing.

Rare Alert Patch This patch notifies you when rare items drop by playing a chime and displaying all rare items on the radar map.

Ice Patch This patch increases the success rate cap of the Blizzard special in Ultimate mode from 20% to 60% and also improves Gibarta's casting speed and freezing rate. As a result, Blizzard weapons and Gibarta are finally useful.

Draw Distance Patch This patch allows you to see things from farther away by raising their clipping thresholds.

Radar Map Patch This patch improves the in-game maps to better utilise the available screen space. Two versions of the patch are included, so you can choose which set of map changes you prefer.

Offline Map Patch This patch gives offline Forest and Cave the same monster spawns as online mode, instead of the reduced enemy spawns they usually have.

Widescreen Patch This patch corrects the game's 3D geometry so you can play in 16:10, 16:9, or 21:9 widescreen with the correct field of view.

Atari Patch This patch restores the Atari logo above the hospital on Pioneer 2 for Western (US and EU) PSO releases. If you have a Japanese copy of PSO GC (regular or Plus), then you don't need this patch.

Quest Music Patch This patch allows you to hear the correct music in Episode I Spaceship and Palace quests, such as Prospective Horizons.

Disc Music Patch This patch replaces the songs played by several of the music discs.

Ending Music Patch This patch replaces the online looping ending music with the unlooped ending music used during the game's credits in both episodes, which allows you to hear the lyrics to "Can Still See The Light" when you beat Dark Falz online.

Event Music Patch This patch restores the special music on Pioneer 2 during online events.

PSO GC Modification Packages

These patches require you to extract your entire PSO GC ISO to a folder, replace multiple files within that folder, and then build a new ISO with the modified files. These patches are currently only compatible with Dolphin.

Episode III Lobby Patch This patch allows you to enjoy the Card Lobby from Episode III by replacing Lobby 12 with Card Lobby 1 and Lobby 13 with Card Lobby 2.