PSO DC Downloads

This section has downloads for Dreamcast players, although there's not much here currently.

Codebreaker This is a Codebreaker that can load CD-R games as well as regular ones. It's in CDI (DiscJuggler) format and it supposedly works, although since I have a real CB disc I haven't tried it.

Schthack's DNS Server This is Schthack's DNS server tool used if you have a Dreamcast broadband adapter and wish to connect without using a Codebreaker or an external DNS. Just extract the files and make sure the IP addresses are up to date in the config.txt file before you run it.

DiscJuggler 4 Demo This is the demo edition of DiscJuggler 4 for people who want to use the same version that I do to burn Dreamcast images. I only provide this download because Padus doesn't provide links to their old software, so I hope Padus doesn't get mad at me or anything. =P

Dreamcast Flash Memory Eraser This tool will allow you to erash the flash memory in your Dreamcast, which includes any stored PSO serials as well as browser information. It's unclear who made the tool originally, but the original topic can be found here. The original Nero image was converted to the more common DiscJuggler format by Caboose.

BlueCrab's PSO Loader 2.0 This is BlueCrab's loader disc that automatically patches PSO to connect to Sylverant, disable the Hunter's License check, and fix the map list in Ultimate mode. It can also patch the game to play the correct music in regular quests that use the Battle mode stages, such as Prospective Horizons. Burn it to a CD-R, put it in your Dreamcast, and then follow the on-screen prompts. Its source code is also available here.

PSO DC Sparkle Patch This is a Dreamcast edition of the Sparkle Patch. It can be used to change the Shifta, Deband, Jellen, and Zalure ring effects into sparkles for the second editions of my USv2 and USv2 EP discs. A separate patching program for each CDI file is included. Be aware that these patches are not compatible with other disc images, including my original EUv2 and USv2 releases.