Area: Mine 1
Area Clear Time: 1 Hour 20 Minutes
S-Rank Target Time: 40 Minutes
Character Requirements: Ranger x1 or Force x1

General Tips


Area 20

The Force should collect boxes if desired, however it is not necessary to collect most boxes in the side rooms. The Ranger should detonate the Traps in hallways as well as be ready to shoot the Popup Traps. In the third room the Force should run to get the light switch so everyone else can kill the enemies. In dark rooms pay attention to the area map to see where there are enemies so you can run around them and not get hurt in the dark.

In the next room there's a Popup Trap puzzle, pressing the button near the laser fence causes it to open, but also summons Popup Traps. Have the Ranger or Force shoot/Zonde them, then proceed through the fence to hit the laser fence switch on the left, opening the barrier for the others to come through.

Two rooms after the U shaped room, the Force can collect the boxes as shown on the map while everyone else kills the enemies in the next room. There is also a Healing Ring, but it is protected by Popup Traps. If teammates wish to use the Healing Ring, the player with the most HP will need to enter first and dispatch the Traps to prevent anyone from getting killed before healing.

The map indicates moving straight through the final room, however there are Traps so it is better to run along the right edge of the room unless the Ranger has already dispatched them. Proceed to the next area.

Area 21

This is a pretty straightforward area, in the second room one player (either Hunter or Ranger) should activate the yellow switch to open the door. Approaching the switch will cause Popup Traps to appear, but all players should quickly run to the next room rather than trying to destroy the Traps.

In the fourth room is another laser fence puzzle that contains Popup Traps, again step briefly on the button then retreat and destroy the Traps, then let one player through the fence to get the switch on the other side, letting everyone else through the barrier. Move to the next area.

Area 22

In the fourth room the door can be opened by a button as shown on the map, however the player who moves towards the button will be bombarded by Popup Traps. It's not advisable to try to take them out, merely run around the perimeter of the laser fence to activate the button and get off the raised platform as quickly as possible. A Hunter or Ranger with the most HP should do this to avoid getting killed. In the next room the Force should again get the light switch.

Four rooms after the dark room is a room with four large computers in it. These computers are actually switches to deactivate the laser fence, hit the one shown on the map. It is directly to your right when you enter the room. They are pushed the same way as a normal switch to a laser fence. Move on to the next area.

Area 23

This is a pretty brief area, clear the Traps in the second room and carry on to the warp. After taking the warp marked 1 on the map, players should turn around and proceed through the fake wall behind where the warp took them to head to the next area.

Area 24

As shown on the map, the Force can collect the items after the team clears the second room. Dispatch the Traps in the U shaped room and the hallway after it. The Force should then activate the light switch in the next room. Ignore the Popup Traps in the next room, it is possible to run right past them and into the hallway without getting hit.

Players should only pursue the Healing Ring if the team desperately needs HP otherwise it should be ignored unless the Force desperately needs TP. (If this is the case, the Force should move to the Healing Ring alone while everyone else moves forward.) Avoid the Popup Trap in the second to last room, and once you've defeated the enemies in the room that follows, you've cleared Stage 5!