Area: Cave 2
Area Clear Time: 1 Hour 20 Minutes
S-Rank Target Time: 40 Minutes
Character Requirements: None

General Tips


Area 09

Follow the map until you reach the fifth room with the stomper in it. If you have a Droid Ranger or a HUcast with a gun, have them clear the traps in the middle of the room, and then one of the Hunters (I'll call him Hunter A) should proceed through the open door next to the stomper while the Force gathers the boxes and the other Hunter (Hunter B) waits by the stomper. Hunter A should ignore the enemies as stated on the map and proceed to the locked door. This part requires coordination to not take damage from the stompers, which is why the Hunters should perform it so as to not get 1 hit KOed. As soon as Hunter A reaches the locked door, Hunter B should wait until the stomper is just rising up for its cycle, then stand on the button in the middle of the stomp pad. This will both unlock the door for Hunter A as well as raise the second stomper, revealing a button underneath to unlock the door for the team to proceed. Hunter A must quickly run through the door, step on the button, and run back through the door so Hunter B can get off his button before the stomper completes its cycle and comes down. It's possible to do it all in a single stomper cycle if Hunter A moves quickly, but if he doesn't then one or both Hunters will probably take damage. Once the button has been pressed, make sure Hunter A is not stuck behind the locked door and then move to the next room. Hunter A should move back past the enemies and take the warp again, then join his teammates.

In the second room after the stomper puzzle you'll see a door with 4 buttons above it that can either be shot with a Handgun, or attacked with Foie/Zonde. If you have a Ranger or Force in tow (or a Hunter found a Handgun already), attack only the far left button above the door as stated on the map. Once activated the door will open and the team can ignore the enemies and proceed. If you are unable to hit the button, kill the enemies in the room to unlock the side room, which contains a box with a set Handgun.

In the second room after that, you'll come across another button puzzle. One player should stand on the button to open the cage, while another enters it. Make sure only one person enters the puzzle to avoid mistakes. Using the key on the map, the player inside the cage should step on button 7 to open the fence for the other players to move through. Once done he should move to button 5 by crossing over button 4 to open the next fence. Then he should move to button 3 by crossing over button 6 to open the final fence. Once everyone is through they can activate the outside button next to the exit so that the player inside the puzzle can get out. He should cross back over buttons 6, 5, and 4 to make his way out of the puzzle. If the player in the puzzle steps on buttons 1, 2, 8, or 9 he will trigger explosions damaging the entire party, so be careful that you only step on the correct buttons. Proceed to the next area.

Area 10

Clear the Traps in the hallway after the second room, then move past the third into the room with two warps. A player must stand on the button to open the fence to warp 1, which the Force should take. This will open warp 2 which all other players should take. They will be moved to a new room facing a room with a multitude of buttons but blocked off by a laser fence. The Force will enter this room from the other side and must then hit one of the green buttons to unlock the fence for the rest of the party. You should hit the button marked with brighter green on the map. The Force can then proceed through the fake wall to the left (left as shown on the map, in the actual stage it would be to the Force's right) and collect the items if desired before following the rest of the team. The rest of the party should move straight across the room and move through the fake wall to the right of the door. In the next room break only the rocks marked with a O on the map, which are the rocks furthest to the right on both rock formations. Hit the switch behind the second rock wall to open the door to the next area.

Area 11

Follow the map and take warp 1 and proceed to the stomper puzzle room. Player A should step on the yellow switch, which will open the laser fence guarding the enclosed button. Player B should enter the cage and step on the button to raise the stompers, revealing three more buttons. If there are three players Player C should hit the buttons marked green on the map, being careful to avoid the red buttons as they will cause explosions, damaging the entire party. If there is no third player Player A will have to leave player B stuck in the cage while he activates the buttons, then move back to release Player B from the cage. Player B must be careful not to move off the button, because if he does the stompers will instantly come crashing down and if the player activating the buttons is under a stomper he will take damage. Once both buttons are activated the door will open, so make sure Player B is out of the cage and proceed to the next room.

Four rooms later, the Force can collect the boxes and once the enemies are defeated he should also move into the left hallway and hit the button marked cyan on the map to open the cyan door for the other players. In the next room a Handgun or Foie/Zonde is again required to activate the buttons marked pink on the map. The first is underwater directly to the right when you enter the room, the second is on the ceiling above the pool where button 1 is located. The third is on the rocks above and to the left of the door you're trying to open, and the fourth is on the ground in the grass next to the door. Once the enemies are clear and the door open, two players should enter the 4-player door and take warp 2. Player A should wait on the button marked green, which will open the laser fence and reveal a trail of dancing white flames winding through the maze of rocks. Player B should follow this trail to the next room, if he strays away from the lights he will trigger explosions and get hurt. Once he makes it into the next room Player A can leave the button and take warp 2 back to the previous room and join the players who did not warp. The other two players who did not take warp 2 should be waiting near the door to the next room for Player B's arrival at button 1, at which point they should move into the room (ignoring the enemies) and stand on button 2 to open the 2-player door. Note that this is a normal pop-up button door, both buttons must be pressed simultaneously to open it. Once Player B and the players who did not take warp 2 have opened the door, Player B can take warp 3 to join them and everyone can move past the enemies and into the next area.

Area 12

Area 12 is one of the few areas that needs no explanation, simply follow the map to the next area.

Area 13

In the third room is another button and stomper puzzle. Player A should step on the button on the left, raising the pair of stompers on the right for Player B to proceed through. Each side has two buttons placed next to each other, only step on the buttons on the right, the buttons on the left will cause explosions, damaging the party. To that effect, Player B should press the right button under the raised stompers, then move past them and stand on the solo button. This will raise the first pair of stompers for Player A, who should then also step on the right button then move forward and stand on the solo button. This will raise the second pair of stompers for Player B, who should again hit the right button then move forward to the solo button which will raise the second pair of stompers for Player A. Player A should hit the final button on the right, then move past the stompers and hit the red laser switch to deactivate the laser fences, allowing both Players A and B to escape the puzzle and join the rest of the team in moving to the next room. When performing this puzzle, make sure that the other player has moved safely past the stompers and onto the next button before you get off your button, or you will squash the other player. Once you get on the button to raise a pair of stompers do not move or try to reposition, as you're likely to step off the button momentarily causing the other player to get squashed.

In the second room after the stomper puzzle proceed left to activate the orange switch to open the door. The other side room contains two weapon boxes, one of which has a Handgun. (Hopefully every Hunter has one by now, though.) After the waterfall room kill the enemies and then the party must split up. A Hunter should step on the switch to open the laser fence, and the Force should proceed with the other Hunter to warp 1. Once both players are through the fence the other two can proceed into the next room. The Hunter and Force who warped should clear the enemies in the next room, and if necessary the Force can take the left door and use the Healing Ring. The Hunter should immediately proceed through the other door and into the next room, which contains a multitude of buttons, some that can be stepped on, some that must be shot. Only four buttons are necessary, all others when activated will cause explosions damaging the players in the room. (I wasn't kidding when I said this stage had a lot of trapped buttons, now was I?) The Hunter should step on the button on the ground directly to the right of the door inside a bush, then take warp 2 (followed by the Force who may have been using the Healing Ring). Then both should follow the map to join the players who did not warp.

The players who did not warp should have cleared the next room and entered the muti-button room, at which point they should activate the other three buttons. Their locations are:

That completes all four buttons, which will open the door to the next room. Clear the Traps in the hallway and kill the enemies in the next room. The Force should again hit the cyan switch to open the cyan door, at which point the team must clear one more room, and then that wraps up Stage 3!